KBUT’s West Elk Word covers current and public affairs throughout the Gunnison Valley.

Learn more about the people, places, music and arts, recreation, mountain culture, and everything else Gunnison Valley.

West Elk Word airs Saturdays at noon. Archived episodes are available below:

West Elk Word April 13: Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District

George Sibley and Frank Kugel from the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District share insight into the true meaning of drought. Learn what the River District is doing to plan for the future of our local watershed in light of the projected increase in our population by 2050 and the inevitable impact of climate change on both water quantity and quality in the Upper Gunnison River basin.

West Elk Word April 6: Gunnison Underdog Rescue

Gunnison Underdog Rescue is the only foster-based animal rescue oranization in the Gunnison Valley. GUR’s founder, Debra Callihan, tells us how the foster system works and how GUR collaborates with other local rescue organizations with the goal to save as many pets as possible and find them forever homes. Learn about animal welfare laws and policy in Colorado, how the internet contributes to rescue efforts and more.

West Elk Word Feb 9: Brooke McMillan, CB Center for the Arts

Brooke McMillan recently recently took on the Literary Arts program at the Crested Butte Center for the Arts. She’s already grown it impressively, and is here to share upcoming workshops related to all things literary – storytelling, fiction, non-fiction, nature writing, poetry, and the upcoming Murder in the Mountains Mystery/Noir festival.

West Elk Word Jan 19: Sustainable Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Committee

Scott Borden, John Messner, John Norton and Frank Kugel are all members of a larger committee known as STOR – Gunnison County’s Sustainable Tourism and Recreation Committee. They share the committee’s mission, discoveries, and discuss local efforts to protect Gunnison County’s natural resources and ensuring a quality experience for visitors while recognizing the impacts of the tremendous growth in visitors we’re experiencing in our community.

West Elk Word Jan 12: RE1J School District Superintendent Leslie Nichols

Gunnison County’s RE1J School District has a new superintendent. Leslie Nichols had been on the job for roughly six month, and not only does she like what she sees, but seems excited to take on the challenges faced by a small, diverse district. We discuss vocational training, diversity, the marked differences between the Gunnison and Crested Butte schools, plans for future growth, and more.